Fried Rice at Lontar – Jakarta

Champion for this one fried rice, replace it for quite a long time until one hour, just order via telephone, but must first acquaint with the seller, arek suroboyo who sells and is usually assisted by his beloved wife, his wife cut the vegetables and packing ( for away / wrapped) and presentation (for those who eat at the place).

When I was boarding at Sentiong - Senen, I often ate here. A lot of toping is given (meatballs, the shredded chicken is pretty good). for the price is a little different when compared to other fried rice carts, but it doesn't hurt. For the level there is a very spicy, just crazy, and moderate.

The location is behind the Acacia Kramat Hotel, right in front of the gate of the back door of the hotel, which at the moment the back gate is not functioning. The cart opens at 5pm. The cart is clean. The parking is difficult if you bring a car.

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fried rice


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